Thursday, October 14, 2010

Melbourne Museum of Printing

On the 14th October, 2010, me and 6 other students went on a road trip to Footscray to participate in a museum tour that David Trout organised.
When we first arrived, when they first opened the roller door it was quite obvious that some people were disappointed, it was as if we had driven half an hour to, what some described as a "garage sale". It was quite amusing to everyone, especially when Laury initially spoke. Didn't seem like he had much planned. Luckily, he wasn't the tour guide, Micheal, tour guide, had thorough knowledge about each item. He introduced himself as a Type Enthusiast, so had never worked with type himself unlike Laury. I thought it was good being able to look around at the stuff for 15 mins before the tour started. It allowed me to make my own conclutions of what each item did before I was told the proper meaning, it helped me remember what each thing was, maybe because I was able to relate more.

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